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Cook Osaka Takoyaki

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【Duration of Cooking】  1 .5 hour


Experience Details
If you’ve always had an interest in Japanese cuisine, and wondered how you can reproduce some of the Japanese dishes you’ve had before, join us at our cooking class. During this class, you’ll learn to cook a full meal from scratch, starting with Japanese dashi stock.
We will begin the process of making dashi stock, a savory stock that is essential in almost all Japanese cooking.
With this stock, we will make citrus salad dressing from scratch, for your salad of fresh cucumber. Takoyaki is also a dish that you’ll be learning to make in this class. Takoyaki is a popular street food that originated in Osaka. We’ll be teaching you an original recipe that is easy to follow, but will ensure that your takoyaki balls come out crunchy on the inside whilst remaining moist and doughy on the inside. In addition to all of these, you will also be making your own sides of Japanese pickles to complement your meal. Join us at this on-line cooking class, and don’t forget to bring your appetite!

What you need to prepare before this class

Here is the complete list of ingredients for the takoyaki and citrus salad:         


30g kombu (dried edible kelp)


55g katsuo bushi (bonito flakes)


240g – all-purpose flour

2 pcs. – Egg

30g – Ginger

1 clove – Garlic

½ cup – Tempura bits(Tenkasu) ← If you can get in super market, or shop.



400g Boiled Octopus (and/or Konjac)

2 Japanese cucumbers

½ onion

1 tbsp. citrus juice (if possible, use juice of more than 2 kinds of non-sweet citrus)

8 green onion


1 tbsp. – Soy sauce

1 tbsp. – Worcester sauce

1 tbsp. – Oyster sauce

3 tbsp. – Ketchup


Mayonnaise or the following ingredients for home made Mayonnaise

2 tsps. – Apple-cider vinegar

1 tsp. – Salt

1 pce. – Fresh Egg

2 tsps. – Sugar or Honey

½ cup – Vegetable oil



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