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Cook Teriyaki chicken

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Teriyaki chicken
+ Ohitashi, Soy egg, and white rice



Special Price 3800 yen
(about $38)

【Duration of Cooking】  1 .5 hour


If you’ve always had an interest in Japanese cuisine, and wondered how you can reproduce some of the Japanese dishes you’ve had before, come join us at my cooking class, you’ll learn to cook teriyaki chicken and soy egg.  You will also have the chance to learn how to make ohitashi, vegetables soaked with dashi stock.     

What you need to prepare before this class

Here is the complete list of ingredients for the teriyaki chicken:         


<<Ingredients for four people>>



400g – chicken




Soy Sauce





Short-grain rice                 


10 pcs Okura

1 pce. Carrot

10g – Kombu (Dried kelp)

10g – Dried bonito flakes1~2g - Dried bonito flakes 


<<Cooking utensils>>

Measuring spoons(tea spoon,table spoon)

One pair of cooking chopsticks (or kitchen tongs)

One spatula

One small pot

Large fry pan

Three medium bowl(bigger than 600ml) 

Dinner plates (about 27cm or bigger)

Rice bowl

Kitchen paper


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