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Kyoto Matcha Town Walking Tour

Mystery Walking Tour in Uji Matcha Town, Kyoto

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【Duration: 4.5 hours】

【Price: 14,000 yen】

Are you a green tea lover or food lover? Then join us on this Matcha Town Walking Tour! On this tour, you will be exploring Uji, a beautiful historic district that is often affectionately known as a tea haven for tea lovers and connoisseurs ・・

Tea ceremony



 【Duration】1.5 hour


This is Japanese culture experiences on-line including tea ceremony, food & kimono.  If the date and time in the calendar don't meet your schedule, please send the email below to contact me. 


Zoom URL will be sent to you once Terumi confirm your reservation.



【CONTACT Email Add】washoku.matcha23@gmail.com

Tea ceremony



【Duration】1.5 hour

【Price: 4,500 yen】


Generally we get a sense of the season in tea ceremony.  So as preparation for tea ceremony, we will start with molding soft dough into something seasonal  that is prepared  by a confectionery shop which is almost 300 hundred years old .


And then we'll move to tea ceremony.  First Terumi will serve a bowl of matcha to each guest in a basic way of authentic tea ceremony.  And next is your turn!!  Please try making another bowl of matcha by yourself using tea utensils with Terumi's instruction.


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