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Kyoto Matcha Town Walking Tour

Mystery Walking Tour in Uji Matcha Town, Kyoto

Booking directly

【Duration: 4.5 hours】

【Price: 14,000 yen】

Are you a green tea lover or food lover? Then join us on this Matcha Town Walking Tour! On this tour, you will be exploring Uji, a beautiful historic district that is often affectionately known as a tea haven for tea lovers and connoisseurs ・・

Kyoto Private Half Day Tour

【Duration: 6-8 hours】

【Price: 30,000 yen for one group, max 5 people】


Meeting in front of Minamiza at 9:00am → Gion(walking) → Kiyomizu temple →  Eat kaiseki ryori (everything a bit)  →  Good bye time at your hotel lobby (or where you wish to go for next itinerary)  


Travel expenses, food and souvenir expenses not included in the tour are at the expense of the participant.

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